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It was a number of years ago when Robert Bartlett completed his RAAF military service and returned to Civvy Street. He worked for the Australian Government for a time before entering the private sector; where he was employed as a National Business Development Manager for a couple of multi-national companies.

It was around that period, and in his leisure hours, that he started writing articles and short stories as a freelance writer for a community newspaper. After a while, his interest in writing stories grew and he wrote his first fictional novel - Róisin. From then on he continued to write, and by 2023 had completed a dozen fictional novels.

At one stage, when he thought some other people were interested in creating written stories he became a volunteer, and conducted memoir and creative writing workshops for a few years at a couple of non-profit organisations.

Before starting each novel Robert does a large amount of research into actual events, situations and people; that will exist in the selected story theme. The themes may include; Police Actions; International Crime; Government Corruption and Conspiracy; Intelligence Agencies and their Covert or Clandestine Operations; while always ensuring to maintain a fictional account.

Except for a few retail book shops, the novels are distributed to various Libraries in Australia and New Zealand under his registered Australian Trademark - Runic Books®-Australia. His incentive to write isn’t about making money, it’s all about satisfaction in creating a story that readers will enjoy, and to continue to challenge the imagined idea and concept of another novel.