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Some years ago, Robert Bartlett had written short stories and freelance articles as a pastime, and then decided to write longer stories. But rather than writing about factual events or situations, he was drawn more towards creating fictional tales about different characters and their experiences. He thought he could either let his imagination run wild and write about outlandish events or concentrate his writing efforts in creating fictional story themes based on actual happenings in the world. In over fifteen years or more he has been able to use his ideas in developing an art of writing that provides an interesting outlook on life.

In 2006, he concentrated more on developing his fictional novel writing skills and completed his first book called - Róisin, which was published in 2007. Since then he has completed another ten books and two screenplays. The books are now distributed to various Australian and New Zealand Libraries and a few retail store outlets.

The story themes of his latest fictional novels’ include; International Crime, Government Corruption and Conspiracy, Intelligence Agencies and their Covert or Clandestine Operations; and are complemented by a cast of interesting characters. In an effort to make the written stories more realistic, research has been carried out on actual international events and situations.