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By using selected trigger words and phrases in sentences and paragraphs it helps to create the GOSH factor, the feature that attracts and retains readers so they continue reading the story.

To start off the first few pages of the first chapter and to gain the readers’ attention, create a situation or event with some impact; by using specific words and compiling a couple of initial sentences to stir their interest.

But before writing the first words onto the manuscript, it’s suggested that the writer compiles separately composed short written logs for characters and chapters so as to track the story details and the sequences of events; including past histories of characters.

In some instances, these log details could replicate the first starting words in chapters or may go on for a number of pages, even before starting the actual manuscript. On occasions, and after careful consideration, the information in the logs might be deleted as not suitable for that particular chapter or may be amended by other information.

It’s also worthwhile to clearly identify the characters in the written logs, such as the protagonist, the antagonist and the narrator, and highlight narration and dialogue. This helps to remember the flow of events as you progress through the story. Because sometimes, when a writer is halfway through the manuscript some details could be forgotten or might be inadvertently repeated.