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When personal inspiration awakens the writer’s craft within; some may feel the impulse to do something creative with words; and perhaps write a fictional story.

But for the story to be believable, the characters have to appear to be genuine, realistic and sometimes to be based on real people in actual locations.

However, at certain times, it can be a difficult task to create interesting and real characters. While thinking and choosing the right characters, the writer might consider their mannerisms, their appearances and their reactions to different situations; while remembering that everyone has some flaws in their nature.

Before writing the first sentence it’s suggested that you organize the story into basic elements, and a time-line where different elements will occur. Then introduce the story to the reader with a memorable few words, a sentence or a paragraph, that grabs their attention with a want-to-read more feeling.

For further food for thought about writing …the well-known writer, Ernest Hemingway, was at one of his many wild parties with other writers, when someone suggested they each try to write the best and shortage story.

While each of them had a story, it was Hemingway who created the shortest one with just six words …...
‘For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

It was suggested that the words could form a short story, a book, a movie, a poem or other; and could be created from those few words, by asking yourself - Why are the shoes for sale? - What happened to the baby? - Is the baby dead? - Was the baby ever born?

When one thinks about it, it’s interesting what a writer can do with a story by using some of the story elements - AntagonistProtagonist - Conflict - Obstacles - Resolution.