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The screenplay is a story told through the point of view of a camera lens and the eyes of characters by using a mixture of dialogue, narrative and descriptions; supported by writing techniques with Plots and Subplots.

Screen Play Writing Techniques-The fundamental process of a screenplay is developed around - Structure, Format & Action with the following:-

-3 Act Structure - breaking the story into beginning, middle and end.

-Turning Points - take the action in different directions.

-Proper Formatting - learn industry standards and techniques.

-Writing Action/Description - the mark of an experienced writer.

-Plot - Subplot- Story Boards - techniques for creating and sustaining the momentum of the
film by using the Paradigm - Act One - The Set Up, Act Two - The Confrontation and Act Three - The Resolution.

-The Functions of Subplot - how to use subplots to enhance your story.

-The Structure of Subplot - usually the source of most loose-ends in a story.

-The Use of Separate Story Boards - A storyboard is a layout of still pictures/dialogue - a shot-by-shot scene plan, with words, showing the story events as they will be finally edited and on screen.

Roisin Movie Screenplay- This Movie length Screenplay, which is Approximately 117 Pages / 117 Minutes, was based on the RóisinNovel (ISBN 978-1929764-88-3) by Robert Bartlett and Runic Books® - Australia.

The Róisin screenplay was based on a fictional novel of the same name - Róisin released in 2007 (ISBN 978-1929764-88-3). The story was inspired by actual events in the life of Rose (Róisin) Bartlett (nee Mitchell) - an Australian dressmaker and fashion designer, who was born in 1915 at Herberton - North Queensland. Rose was an ordinary Australian-born woman of Irish descent with a unique character, who showed others, by her positive determination and entrepreneurial flair, how tocreate clothes and live their dream and become extraordinary.

TV Series Screenplay - Braose of the Foreign Office - There are FOUR EPISODES in SERIES ONE with the first episode titled - THE SECRET. The length of each episode is approximately 40-50 minutes (40-50 pages). The screenplays are based on the fictional novel The Secret Salamancan (ISBN 978-1921456-83-1) by Robert Bartlett and Runic Books® -Australia, released in 2013. 

Series Overview:

Phillip Braose, a 39-year-old Information Analyst and linguist from the British Foreign Office based in London, while ever mindful of the power of political propaganda, was surprised when given an unusual assignment to assist in a clandestine intelligence operation in Scotland. However, when an unexpected family tragedy occurred in Spain he was force to curtail his participation in the operation and leave Edinburgh urgently. After arriving in Salamanca, Spain, he was confronted with startling secret information about his family history that caused him to rethink his own personal life and future.